Previously, a special, more stable grass was grown, which, however, could not withstand all the hardships of sporting events. It required special expensive care, and cultivation took much effort and was extremely time-consuming.

However, 50 years ago people found a solution to this problem in the form of nylon, the lawn of which was very similar to a carpet. Now the installation of artificial grass for outdoor events is not difficult and can be carried out both in indoor and outdoor arenas. And most importantly – in those areas where real grass is simply not able to survive. It is not surprising that artificial grass for commercial landscaping and home landscaping appeared, because it was not possible to carry out natural landscaping everywhere. For example, there is artificial grass for schools and nurseries, as well as for pet-friendly areas.

artificial grass in the park

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

As the popularity of synthetic coating grew, its scope of application expanded significantly:

  • Decorating of greenhouses: it turns out a kind of artificial grass for pathways.
  • Artificial grass for patios.
  • Artificial grass for play areas near children’s campuses or playgrounds, including artificial grass for theme parks
  • Artificial grass for public spaces. It means decorating shop windows, summer playgrounds in cafes and restaurants, as well as at various exhibitions.
  • Finishing of unsightly areas on the territory of a residential building, for example artificial grass for apartment complexes and housing developments, artificial grass for green roofs, etc.

Since initially such a coating was provided precisely as artificial grass for rugby fields and football matches, it has a number of undoubted technical advantages:

  • it does not need special care,
  • resistant to dirt, earth and direct ultraviolet rays.
  • it is durable: it does not get crushed, retains its shape, colour.
grass on the field

Photo by Ravigopal Kesari on Unsplash

Artificial grass for allergy sufferers is a real salvation for many people who want to enjoy juicy greens without side effects of organism.

Usually buyers are satisfied with the quality of such coating. Sometimes there are variants when artificial grass is combined with live plants. The main thing is to contact professionals in this field.