Acupuncture is one of the directions of traditional Chinese medicine. Such treatment consists in the impact of a special tool on points on the human body.

What is acupuncture?

The central place in traditional Chinese medicine is occupied by the concept of vital energy “qi” or “chi”, which ensures the normal functioning of all human organs and systems. If its circulation in the body is disrupted, this leads to a decline in strength and the emergence of various diseases. Chinese doctors restore energy flows in the body.

Acupuncture is an independent method of therapy that is used in public and private clinics in more than a hundred countries, in particular in the Best acupuncture clinic in Chelsea.

accupuncture process

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What happens with such manipulation?

Acupuncture is prescribed for recovery after surgical operations, fractures and dislocations, in the treatment of chronic diseases, to maintain the overall tone of the body.

With acupuncture, the doctor irritates with a special tool not only the superficial painful nerve endings, but also the deeper receptors of capillaries, muscles and tendons. An acupuncture needle, as it passes through the skin, subcutaneous tissue, blood vessels, muscles and tendons, activates a whole complex of receptors that react differently to its introduction into the body and trigger a complex chain of reactions. They are affected by the depth, angle of inclination, speed, nature of needle insertion and extraction. In response to this, a patient may experience cold, heat, pressure, numbness, tingling, bursting.

needle treatment

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What you should know about Acupuncture Doctors

Only a person with a medical education who completed a long-term training in acupuncture and an internship is able to competently carry out the procedure. Such a specialist is waiting for you and is ready to help you in Acupuncture Chelsea.

The doctor selects an individual combination of acupuncture points for each patient. The duration of the course is also selected individually. Special attention is paid to the safety of procedures.