Last summer, new rental stations with the amount of 6,000 bicycles became available for rent all around Central London. Once you have paid £1 per day, the first half hour is free. So you can make as many 30-minute trips a day as you want without paying a cent. Any resident of the city can go to one of the 400 capital’s rental stations, enter a credit or debit account of his card, choose a bike and go on a bike ride. At the end of his journey, he leaves the bike at the nearest station.

One can repeat this as many times as he wants during the day after making a payment. If you are riding longer than 30 minutes, the additional payment starts. Organization “Transport for London” said that the program is aimed at those who need to make small, reusable trip and not for a long term rental. Potential users should be aware that if their bikes are returned after their time is up, they will be fined at amount of £150 for the delay. If the bike is missing or damaged due to the fault of the tenant or vandals — the tenant will have to pay up to £300 to cover the damages.