Docklands Light Railway, DLR is an automatic light metro, which was launched on August 31, 1987, for serving the newly built territory of Docklands in the capital of the UK. It has 45 stations and five directions. Its track length consists of 34 kilometers. Most of the stations of the light Rail are raised above the ground, although some are at a ground level and underground. An entryway to the platform is usually possible by stairs or elevator; even one may found escalators in other places. Since the time of launching, the entire line is adapted for wheelchair access, and a lot of attention has been paid to easy station access for all passengers. The Docklands stations possess platforms that are precisely suited to the height of the wagons. DLR uses daily up to 300,000 visitors.

The parliamentary Commission considered the topic of light subway and light railway vehicle according to the successful realization of DLR and proposed the construction of new such systems.