To become the driver of a black cab is prestigious, lucrative and challenging. London taxi drivers test is the most difficult in the world. To obtain permission, a candidate for a cabman must pass a difficult exam. The main requirement is to be able to find any address within the boundaries of London without a navigator. All you need is to learn and remember 320 main routes, the location of all attractions and urban institutions.

Preparation for the exam takes two years. However, the effort is easily recouped: the cabman can earn up to 75 thousand pounds a year.

The license for driving a cab is issued for three years. Only cabmen are allowed to pick up customers on the street. For passenger it is enough to raise his hand or whistle. Despite the high cost, the cabs are very popular, especially among tourists: after all, every cabman, in addition to other things, passes the exam on the history of London, so he can easily act as a tourist guide while driving.