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Having received the keys to the long-awaited house or cottage, happy owners make a lot of efforts in order to make their home as convenient, comfortable and safe as possible. Any house or apartment begins with the London front door, and if we are talking about an individual house, then its choice should be carefully considered. Preferences and financial capabilities of the buyer, design of the building, purpose of the private house (summer or permanent residence) and its location are very important.

When choosing a front door, buyers pay attention to its appearance: whether it will be a Victorian front door or any other type. In addition to the choice of finishes for the outer and inner sides, you need to decide whether this door will be with or without a window, what is the size of the glass and whether additional reinforcement of the glass area is required by gratings. You are recommended to choose the glass type of triplex (laminated glass made by pressing) or armored one. Such glasses are suitable for external glazing, withstand strong mechanical stress and provide good visibility.

Manufacturers offer various types of raw materials: metal, wood, combinations of different materials. It is worth considering that a one-piece coating of the canvas is more reliable than with seams. If seams are present, then their execution must be of the highest quality, otherwise they will become vulnerabilities. One of the main advantages of wood is its external attractiveness, especially if valuable species of trees are used in the production, for example, oak, which is especially durable, or mulberry, which has high heat-saving properties. Another advantage of wooden products is their convenience for decoration and the ability to blend harmoniously into the urban surroundings.