A variety of manufacturers and brands of tyres can confuse any buyer, especially if the purchase of this important component for the car is made for the first time. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the tyres differ not only by the name of the manufacturer, but also by themselves.

Big choice

According to their purpose, tyres are very diverse. There are special tyres for driving in a dynamic sports style. Meanwhile, tyres for measured movement are different.  Moreover, when choosing tyres, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the weather in the area where the car will be operated.

Car tyres also differ by season: there are tyres for cold season and for warm season.


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Summer tyres can be used at temperatures above plus five degrees. They are divided into the following categories:

  • universal type tyres;
  • tyres for travelling on highways;
  • tyres for driving on dirt and rough terrain.

Tyres for cold season also have their own categories, depending on what kind of winter the motorist expects:

  • Scandinavian;
  • arctic;
  • European.

In addition to the above classification, there are also tyres:

  • low–profile: they are convenient for flat roads in the city, but unsuitable for off-road;
  • Run Flat tyres: for cars with tyre pressure control, allowing you to drive up to 150 km even on tyres that have received a puncture;
  • off–road: for rough terrain and clay trails.

The tyres are also distinguished by the tread pattern.


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As you see from the above classifications, the abundance of brands and varieties of tyres is really capable to bring to a stand. Therefore, when buying, it is better to contact the sellers of tyres in Nottingham.

Do not approach the choice of tyres thoughtlessly, because not only driving comfort, but also safety on the road depends on how well the treads are selected.