It is wrong to say that it is easy to gain a foothold in this segment in the long term. However, while low-quality quests with a mediocre storyline are leaving, the window of opportunity is open for new, bright and well-thought-out business concepts.

During the planning stage, the business plan and the financial plan should be worked out in detail. It is important to analyze the regional market, the activities of competitors, to assess development prospects. Remember that each city has its own specifics.

Decide on the format and scenario

A good quest starts with a good script. To write a working, not a book script, we recommend contacting professionals.

The professional horror escape rooms ideas are unique and adapt to the players. Easy to implement, takes into account the specifics of the premises, the financial needs of the business.

The script includes:

  • teaser (quest description for advertising purposes);
  • legend (setting a task for players, immersion in the game);
  • a brief description of the game;
  • descriptions of the passage of the quest, riddles, hints, harmoniously integrated into the game process;
  • a detailed description of the room, the location of objects, recommendations for design, sound, lighting;
  • support during implementation.
scary hallway

Photo by Vadim Babenko on Unsplash

Choice of space

Different rooms are suitable for construction, it all depends on the author’s idea. Non-residential premises on any floors (including basements), industrial zones, art sites, locations in historical districts of the city and shopping centers, empty office and warehouse premises.

Indoors, it is important to have sewerage, water supply, sufficient electrical power. Technical ability to install ventilation. Free layout. Repair is not important.

Clients like large spaces, unusual locations especially if it is scary escape rooms. Where there are many rooms, corridors, elevators, passages. At the initial stage, you can successfully beat the area and 40 sq.m.

It is optimal to conclude a lease agreement for a period of 3-5 years, since the project involves the cost of repairing and arranging the premises. Moving to another rental area is difficult and costly.


It is not necessary to choose the city center. Sometimes, finding a room becomes part of the quest and intrigues visitors. Important accessibility, the availability of parking spaces, a separate entrance.

Options for finding your own niche:

  • Become part of a strong brand, acquire a franchise, minimize mistakes at the start and get loyal customers. However, the market can be divided and acquiring a franchise will not help increase conversions. We recommend reviewing first.
  • Offer a unique niche product that has no analogues in the region. Bright memorable performance, action game, children’s and corporate quests, quests for adults 18+.
scary room

Photo by Elijah Lychik on Unsplash

Demand and competition analysis

To sum up, as already mentioned, the market is crowded. Coming out with a weakly competitive product that takes at least 6 months to launch is risky. The market is transforming, the organizers are seriously investing in the technological component of the quest, special effects, entourage, scenery and professional actors.