When you connect to a resource, it identifies you via an IP address. This address contains information about the user: location, browser version, provider name, etc.

A proxy is needed in order to hide the user’s real IP in every possible way, thereby ensuring anonymity. The proxy works as follows: when you connect to any online resource, the request will not come from you, but from a remote server. Thus, the proxy becomes a bridge between the end site and the user. Due to this, anonymity is ensured.

connect to any online resource

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Ordinary users Proxy Server mieten to bypass regional restrictions and surf the Internet anonymously. In business, this tool is also useful — when you need to test advertising campaigns or improve the efficiency of parsing, for example, the British audience. Proxies help promote websites or social media accounts. Changing the IP gives the user the opportunity to create an unlimited number of accounts and make promotional mailings from them.

Many people confuse Proxy and VPN. In fact, these are two different tools. VPN only tunnels network traffic to hide the user’s real address. The proxy completely takes over the interaction with the network.

How proxies for Instagram work

The administration of the social network carefully monitors that suspicious activity does not occur from accounts. For example, if a user uses 10 accounts from the same IP address at once, all of them will be instantly blocked. Renting a proxy for Instagram solves this problem — if you link a separate IP to each account, no one will suspect you of multiaccounting.

proxies for Instagram

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What opportunities do proxies for Instagram provide:

  • Support for high activity on the main profile due to subscriptions, likes and comments from additional accounts;
  • Confidentiality;
  • The possibility of mass distribution of advertising messages from multiple accounts;
  • Bypass regional Instagram blockages.

The only traditional way to promote a profile is to buy advertising. And these are big risks and costs, because investments do not always pay off. Proxies help to promote accounts much cheaper.