Do you want to make the room taller, longer or wider? It is not necessary to resort to redevelopment immediately. Even in a small room, you can create the optical illusion of a large space.

There are several ready-made painting schemes, but you can also come up with your own by contacting a painter south london for help.

Scheme 1. The room is visually larger

Dark floor, light walls and ceiling. This technique will help to visually enlarge the space and add natural light to the room.

Scheme 2. The room is visually wider, but the height seems smaller

The combination of a dark floor with a dark ceiling and light walls.

A narrow corridor can be visually expanded if you use a combination of warm and cold shades.

Scheme 3. The room seems deeper, and the ceilings are higher

The dark floor and the central wall in contrast with the light ceiling will help make a wide room narrower and deeper. At the same time, the walls to the right and left of the entrance should be light tones.

This can also be achieved with furniture. The decorator london will definitely tell you how to do better to enhance the effect.

Choose white paint or a color lighter than the walls for the decoration of the ceiling. Keep in mind that cold tones (shades of gray, blue, green) visually distance, which means they can make the ceiling higher.

Scheme 4. The ceiling seems much higher, but the depth and width of the room are hidden

This technique is best used for decorating a room with an irregular ceiling geometry. For example, attics. To align the lines horizontally, you can use a more subdued shade of the walls. The combination of dark walls with a light ceiling will make the proportions of the room visually more correct.

Scheme 5. The room seems higher, but less spacious

A great option for painting walls if you want to achieve the effect of high ceilings.

Experiment, and you will definitely succeed!