Recently, on February 25, a ban on advertising food and drinks with a high content of fat, salt, sugar came into force in London. The initiator of the ban was the mayor of the British capital Sadiq Khan. In his opinion, the ban will help to fight with child’s obesity, which is diagnosed in almost 40% of schoolchildren in London. The mayor does not consider these measures as a panacea, but hopes that it will help adult residents choose a healthier food.

There are some passengers of the subway, who agreed with him. They note that it can be difficult to resist the temptation of eating fast food, due to its obtrusive advertising.

However, the Association of advertising agencies is convinced that the ban will have little impact on the broader social problems that lead to obesity. In addition, it can influence the rise in the cost of transport fee — as a result of the new ban, the London Transport authority will lose revenue from advertising, which can affect the price of tickets.