London is the city, on the streets of which one can find an unimaginable amount of food from different parts of the Earth. For example, The Rib Man makes the best ribs in the capital. Even, at first glance, they look quite modest, but slow cooking of meat makes it extremely tender.

Boston Sauce raises the usual sausage to the level of steak. For 163 years, this unimaginable food spoils the locals. Sellers know how to satisfy your hunger. Their hot dogs, burgers and pies are quite inexpensive and have a variety of fillings.

Have you ever tasted fried chicken that was offered at a converted U.S. army medical facility? No? Then go to Mother Clucker. Better than quick service there can only be the dishes itself. Fried chicken and French fries are among the best in the heart of the UK.

Brazilian Churrasco & BBQ is an ideal place for meat lovers. Delicious grilled meat, cooked over an open fire is considered as a traditional South American dish. Here you can taste venison, beef and lamb. Only there one can find a Chimichurri sauce.