The infrared sauna is an innovative analogue of the classic steam room. It can become your home sauna. The main difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna is the method of heating the body. If in traditional one heating occurs with the help of air, it happens by means of infrared radiation in infrared one.

person closing in sauna

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There are other features of infrared sauna:

  1. The infrared sauna heats not only the outer layers of the skin. Infrared radiation penetrates deeper into the tissues of the body, warming the body from the inside.
  2. The humidity in the home infrared sauna reaches from 40% at the beginning of the session to 60% at the end.
  3. The temperature range should be 35 C-50 C. At a temperature below 35 C, sweating will be too weak, and a temperature above 50 C is not favourable for well-being.
  4. Procedures in the infrared sauna are accepted only sitting. The person taking the procedure must constantly wipe sweat from the body, since sweat significantly reduces the effectiveness of IR radiation. The effective range of IR rays is 10-15 cm.
  5. The entire interior of the cabin is made of natural untreated wood. This is necessary for a more uniform distribution of heat.
  6. Heaters are installed on all sides. Usually, 5 heaters are used for a single cabin, 6 for a double cabin.
woman sitting in infrared sauna

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The session lasts about 30 minutes, at a temperature of 35-45 C. The effect of greater sweating is achieved than at the same temperature in a traditional sauna. When you warm up, the internal temperature of the body increases, which is compensated by profuse sweating. A large amount of sweat removes more toxins from the body. This is what provides the best therapeutic effect.

Still, not every organism is able to safely tolerate intense thermal radiation. If you experience discomfort in the infrared sauna: burning of the skin and in the nasopharynx, watery eyes, headaches and dizziness, it is necessary to urgently stop the procedure.