There is a country where urban minimalism is closely adjacent to the luxury of the orient, and where entertainment is endless – this is the UAE. Everyone should see Dubai at least once in their life and have the best Experiences Dubai.

Comfort for tourists

The Emirates are situated in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Due to its favorable geographical position, the country is accessible both for tourists from Europe and from Asia.

You can visit the Emirates any time of the year. The most comfortable period is from October to April. At this time, the temperature in the resorts of the UAE is + 25-27 °C, the sea temperature is 20-25 degrees. November is a peak season.

aerial photo of dubai

Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

High level of security and service

Experiences in UAE are among the safest in the world. Forbes Traveler magazine has included Dubai in the top ten most prosperous tourist cities. And in the prestigious ranking of Dubai, Mercer and Abu Dhabi are annually included in a hundred cities with the highest level of quality of life.

At the airport in Dubai, the retinas of the tourists are scanned to get to know whether they have visited the UAE before and whether they have problems with the law. And now they replaced traditional screening systems in terminals with virtual aquarium tunnels. All in order to comply with high standards of safety with minimal discomfort for the guests.

dubai view at night

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Variety of recreation

Those who believe that the United Arab Emirates have such strict customs that tourists only swim and quietly hang out in hotels are greatly mistaken.

The UAE is a kaleidoscope of entertainment! Everyone will find a vacation according to their pocket and interests: from sightseeing bus and sea excursions to crazy water parks and helicopter flights over night megacities.