The house is the place that gives warmth to the family hearth, gives space for relaxation and inspires a new working day. That is why the interior of private houses requires a special, careful attitude to the details of the decor.

Affordable window shutters is a universal approach for both classic and modern style. Vertical slats look stylish and concise, do not overload the space and do not stand out.

Blinds in the space of the house can be used for:

  • design of window openings in rooms, corridors, stairs;
  • closing of technical niches, spaces under the stairs;
  • design of the doorway, passage between rooms, arches.
roll models are popular

Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

Thus, blinds in the opening are not only constructions with vertical slats, but also with horizontal ones, and even roll models are popular.

Shutter blinds in the window opening

Shutter blinds in the window opening are primarily an opportunity to protect from the bright sun and daylight. Lightweight designs can be combined with classic curtains or used as an independent interior element.

type of construction

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

Shutter blinds in the window opening have no restrictions on the type of construction, but when choosing it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the opening. For example:

  • beveled top edge;
  • trapezoidal opening;
  • triangular opening;
  • opening of insufficient depth.

It is easy to clarify all the nuances with the master of the Interior shutter Company. Experts can not only take measurements, but also answer all your questions. Contact them, the company’s employees will promptly conduct a detailed consultation. They fully manage facilities and provide a full range of services: sale, installation, dismantling, repair, supply of spare parts and components. Ordering blinds is a great solution for your home!