Each of you is familiar with the concept of a symphony orchestra. However, before it was fully established in the work of the Viennese classics, there was not even a clear distinction between symphony orchestra and the musical ensemble. Only when music ceased to exist only to serve everyday life, when compositions intended for a special occasion, holiday or concert, began to be created and the formation of a symphony orchestra took place. Nowadays you can enjoy a symphony orchestra at Red Events.

Symphony orchestra as an organism

The modern composition of the orchestra is a large organism, woven from sounds and musical instruments. Therefore, its possibilities are almost limitless. It has a whole range of shades – from the barely perceptible rustle of leaves to powerful thunder. In this whole process, a great role belongs primarily to the amazing timbre combination and, of course, rich dynamic shades.

persons playing on musical instruments

Photo by Rob Simmons on Unsplash

Instrumental genres

In addition to concerts of symphonic music, where all kinds of instrumental genres are performed, you can hear the sound of this orchestra in the opera, it accompanies the whole action, sensitively following what is happening on the stage, sometimes revealing the secret emotions of the characters and exposing their character. All kinds of leitmotives, leittimbres, etc. come to the rescue. Symphonic music has become very firmly established in the life of any modern person thanks to television, the Internet, radio, concerts of pop performers, who increasingly prefer to perform accompanied by musicians, rather than minus.

black and white photo of orchestra

Photo by Arindam Mahanta on Unsplash

Symphony orchestra in cinemas

In some cinemas, before the premiere, chamber ensembles of the orchestra perform, not to mention theatrical performances and orchestra events. Movies and cartoons, two more areas where the sound of a symphony orchestra is widely used, just remember “Ratatouille”, “Harry Potter”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Star Trek”, the list is endless.