All tourists know about the famous red double-decker London buses. After all, it is a symbol of the capital of Britain.  The first double-decker bus appeared in 1847, thanks to the transport company Adams and Co. Such omnibuses are a prototype of the famous London double-deckers, which today are not just transport, but one of the most recognizable symbols of London transport.

The omnibus of the previous time was not comfortable — horse-drawn carriages with an open second floor, which could be reached only by steep, uncomfortable stairs. The most popular red double-decker bus — Routemaster appeared later.

This red bus is loved not only by locals, but also by tourists. And all thanks to the unique design and convenient technical solution. The fact is that Routmaster was created without doors. People came and went through the back platform, which was open. The idea has significantly simplified the life of passengers, because you can get out at any time, not only at bus stops.