The Ghost of a young man was seen on a camera at the Stansted airport of London. Locals assume that it is a phantom of the hero of a legend. The man who posted the photo with the Ghost was walking near the London airport. He videotaped nature, but didn’t expect to capture something creepy. The man noted that he tried to take pictures of the full moon in the evening, and caught the Ghost only during the processing of the resulting recording. A dark figure was moving towards the river.

The man posted an enlarged picture on the Network, where you can actually see a dark figure, moving to the river and leaving behind a shining trail. According to local residents, the footage in the vicinity of the London airport got the hero of the legend. There is a story that a young man was hit by a train while crossing the railway road. However, his body could not be found. There are still stories about this event, which say that the Ghost regularly appears at a certain time at the railway tracks.