Time is passing, the world is changing, still the UK never stops attracting tourists from all over the world. Take advantage of Exclusive London holidays!

There are simply limitless opportunities to plan an unforgettable vacation, and it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of football, the Beatles or the TV series “Downton Abbey”. Or maybe you just dream all your life to personally touch the legendary places sung in the works of Shakespeare, Walter Scott and other textbook authors.

london buildings

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Vacation Options in the UK

Despite the stereotypes about British prudery and conservatism, the secular calendar in London is always full of events. Depending on what period of the year you have chosen for your tour to Britain, you can watch Vivienne Westwood’s dresses at London Fashion Week or get into a new performance about Harry Potter. Of course, there are still a great many reasons to visit the capital of Great Britain, because its rich history and beautiful architecture are described in more than one novel and film. Still, there are a million amazing places in addition to the city on the Thames in England.

The famous universities of Oxford and Cambridge are available to visit and you can even explore the campuses and classrooms accompanied by a guide.

Go to Bath, where there is a hot spring in which the ancient Romans were treated, and now a modern Spa complex is built around it.

Choose a trip on the Belmond Pullman train, which seems to have come to you from the books of Agatha Christie.

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Go to the Highlands of Scotland – the birthplace of golf and whiskey. Complete a guided tour of museums and castles with falconry, a visit to distilleries and tastings.

Northern Ireland and Wales are less developed parts of the UK by tourists, one of which impresses with the harsh beauty of the north, and the other fascinates with its cozy pastoral landscape. Welcome to UK!