Do you need somewhere to store your clothes and are wondering how best to do it? Here is a list of the benefits of a fabric wardrobe from SONGMICS for storing clothes.

Low price

Even if you do not take into account the cost of wooden wardrobes, a fabric wardrobe will provide benefits for a long time, and taking this into account, the prices for fabric drawers are now very attractive.

cabinet in the room

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Ease of installation and disassembly

Considering that the cabinet comes with assembly instructions, even a large fabric cabinet can be assembled by one person in half an hour. But as when assembling any furniture, you need to be careful, not to rush, so as not to injure yourself or damage the cabinet. The cabinet can be disassembled even faster: it can be done in 10 minutes.

Easy care

A fabric wardrobe is quite unpretentious to use, although it must be taken into account that its design does not imply increased loads, height changes, or high humidity. With normal use, a fabric storage cabinet can last for several years. Dirt on the cover and shelves can be removed with a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent; you should also periodically remove dust from your cabinet.

drawer in the room

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Protecting things

Fabric drawers for all your clothes is actually a cover for the clothes you store in it. It preserves its appearance, protecting it from external influences such as light, moisture, dust. Of course, a fabric wardrobe will only perform this function if its cover is closed.

Thus, fabric drawers is a convenient and practical solution for storing clothes, shoes and other things in a small space in an apartment, cottage and other places, and in some cases it will be a good alternative to a regular wardrobe.