Among the abundance of jewelry and bijouterie, a special place belongs to the products of the Danish brand Pandora.  Their popularity has become a kind of phenomenon, since any trend sooner or later declines.  But for 30 years now, Pandora has not left not just the lips of critics and pictures of the magazine, but from the bodies of young beauties and mature fashionistas.  What’s more, pandora uk sale today adorns the hands of women in over 100 countries.  What is the secret and what do the owners of unique jewelry need to know?

There are the following types of charms:

  • Murano – handcrafted beads made using traditional Italian glass cutting and dyeing techniques. Such products amaze the imagination with a variety of patterns and a continuously growing assortment.  They are best purchased in pairs or matched in a similar color scheme – this is how these products look more harmonious on the bracelet.
  • Faceted murano. Each such product has approximately seventy faces.  They attract attention and enhance the impression of the bracelets.  There are also models in the form of pendants.
  • Protective chains. These products are worn on the bracelet and prevent it from falling to the floor if accidentally opened.  They can be of different lengths and are produced in the form of clips and charms.
  • Clips-stoppers are a special type of bead designed to separate the bracelet and fix ordinary charms on it. When the clips snap into place on the two thickenings of the bracelet, they divide it into three parts.  This makes it possible to fill evenly individual sections of the bracelet with charms without free movement of other pendants.
  • Spacers are narrow beads that closely resemble small rings. They are used as adornments to highlight large pendants and charms, or to fill an unoccupied space on a bracelet in cases where an ordinary charm cannot fit in it.

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