Why begin a startup in London? There are several reasons.

  1. This industry is very developed there. London has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world.
  2. An extensive investment base.
  3. A progressive tax scale.
  4. A diversified market.
  5. A developed infrastructure.

London has a large number of startup communities that organize regular meetings, and parties. Many business angels attend these meetings, which increases your chance of obtaining funds for business development.

What does it take to be a successful startup in London?

  1. Of course, a clear idea and understanding of the niche in which you will develop.
  2. The knowledge of the market.
  3. The knowledge of business etiquette.
  4. Useful contacts.
  5. A sophisticated marketing strategy.

Advertising plays a big role in your progress towards success. A great tip is to use animated videos for your ad context. At agencies like https://galera.agency/, an experienced team is ready to help with your startup.

Why contact the video animation agency? Today, animated videos are one of the best tools for attracting a target audience, promoting a brand. The advantages of animated videos in advertising are as follows:

  • the ability to embody any ideas;
  • the ability to attract the widest possible audience;
  • attractiveness and creation of positive associations with your product.

Of course, the implementation of ideas requires the work of professionals. Experts from the animation agency will get into the essence of your business and reflect it in a concise and dynamic way. To be successful, the video should:

  1. Be clear about your goal.
  2. Create and tell an interesting story.
  3. Don’t be trivial, create a unique recognizable product.
  4. Create associations with your business for better information retention.

That’s when your animated video production will achieve its goal of helping you grow your startup in London.