In fact, choosing a stirrup can be no easier than choosing a comfortable saddle. As the equestrian industry develops, the technology for making ammunition also changes: the design, size, shape, materials and purpose of various models can confuse anyone.

Most of all stirrups differ from each other at the level of functionality or, more simply, depending on what discipline of equestrian sports they are intended for. For example, typical western stirrups are likely to be large, leathery and deep, while dressage stirrups are stainless steel, tapered. That is why the best starting point for choosing ammunition is the kind of “equestrian activity” in which you are engaged.

Stirrups are available in metal and plastic. The main difference between the two is their weight. Plastic stirrups are lighter, more comfortable for the horse (a ticklish horse is less worried) and do not freeze. However, cheap ones are short-lived, in the cold or on impact they can crack.

Magnetic best safety stirrups came to us not so long ago, but they are an excellent solution for riding. This is a good show jumping solution. These stirrups simply create comfort for the rider, reducing his potential problems, as people have ridden ordinary ones for centuries. The construction includes a stirrup with a very strong magnet and a sole with a magnet of a different polarity.

By adding magnets, the traction force can be increased or decreased, as well as the contact point can be shifted closer to the toe of the boot or to the middle. In these stirrups, the direction of the magnets is made so that the leg cannot be moved back and forth, the stirrup cannot be detached from the shoe by moving along the insole, only in a transverse tilt (turn of the leg at the ankle inward or outward).