Many gardeners grow plants in the garden in outdoor pots. Why? Firstly, the mobility of the container flower garden plays a huge role – plants in pots are easy to rearrange from place to place. After they have faded, clean in a more secluded corner of the garden or in the backyard, giving the primacy to other crops. Annuals, already planted with seedlings in pots and containers, bloom earlier. Perennials, due to the fact that they hibernate indoors and are not damaged by frost, do not lose their decorative crown. This is the reason to buy outdoor plants.

perennial in pot

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Perennials for container growing

Often, plants bought for outdoor planters growing are acquired spontaneously, on a “saw-bought” basis. However, such purchases often end in failure, because any culture has its own growing requirements, and if you cannot provide them, it will not be able to fully develop.

Therefore, before you buy something, you need to study both your capabilities (the place where the plant will be in the warm season, the space where it can be located in its adult state, conditions for wintering), and its preferences.

If pots and tubs are planned to be placed on a shaded balcony or terrace, it is better to consider a composition of plants that do not need a lot of open sun. These can be hydrangeas, rhododendrons, certain types of bluebells, pansies, fuchsias, tuberous begonias. If the balcony faces south or the flowers will be taken out to the garden, to open areas, it can be bougainvillea, rosemary, lavender, thyme, chamomile, geranium.

plant in container

Photo by Connor Betts on Unsplash

In this case, the soil mixture for each plant must be prepared individually. Again – based on the preference of the plant. And choose the right size pot.